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Chocolate Drink Mix

Chocolate Drink Mix

DietDiva Signature Meal Plan


G.Low Meal Plan


Lean Machine Meal Plan

Get Lean Now

Diet Diva Green Coffee

Get Green

About Diet Diva

DietDiva is the longest running, multi-awarded meal plan delivery provider in thePhilippines. It has been lauded by the National Customer’s Choice Annual Awards,The Consumer Eye Marketing & Research Group, and ShopBest Magazine.

Conceptualized in September of 2012, DietDiva has now grown to be the Filipino’s leading partner in living a healthier lifestyle that fits the urban schedule and budget.

From three signature meal plans that are all nutritionally-balanced, convenient and economical, DietDiva has since then brought to the table, quite literally, fresh and frozen products that complement any lifestyle at every stage of life.

Despite the seemingly erratic trend of lifestyle-focused meal plan deliveries particularly in Metro Manila, DietDiva continues to overcome industry challenges through the vision and hard work of Owner, TV Host and award-winningThreatre actor, Kakki Teodoro.

At the heart of DietDiva is a commitment to deliver deliberately designed meal plans that satisfy the Filipino’s craving for a life well-lived.

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